About Us

Who am I?

My friends call me Cho Bro and you can call me that too! I am a figure collector and anime fanatic that decided to build this store for all of you who love anime. I am super friendly and always down to watch some anime so feel free to message me on social media for some friendly talk, I am always looking to make new friends! 

Make sure you check out my Instagram @daweebstop for some cool anime content like figure videos, anime fight clips, funny reels and so much more. I want you all to help me grow even more so that I can reach out to those weebs like an anime God or something hahahah. 

I also love playing Smash Bros and Overwatch so send your gamer tag and lets run it! My favorite anime is One Piece and my favorite game is Zelda. I have an anime tattoo sleeve just because I like to be different and because this is the world I chose to be in without any shame.

Anyways, I hope you guys like and enjoy my store because I did this for all of you so let it be your one stop shop for anime my dear weebs! 

Exclusive Anime Apparel