Are the figures legit?

- Yes, all of the figures are authentic and numbered. They come in the original packaging created by the original studio.

How long until the figure is ready to ship?

- Once the order is placed, it can take 2-4 days until the figure arrives at the shipping center. At this point you won't have to pay or the shipping costs until the figure is ready to ship and I invoice you the shipping cost. 

How much is shipping?

- The shipping cost varies based on each statue. Whenever an order is placed I make sure to send a direct email/message providing an estimated shipping cost and make sure that you as the client agree to the estimate before processing the order. 

How long until the figure arrives?

- Since we ship via Air Express, mainly UPS or DHL, figures usually arrive in 7-12 days. 

- Upon special request we also offer shipping by sea via UPS and that option arrives in 40-60 days generally.

What if I don't see the figure that I am looking for on the website?

- Since we get new inventory every day sometimes is hard to upload all of them the same day. If you are looking for any figure and you don't see it listed, feel free to DM me on Instagram @daweebstop and I will check the availability with my factory. 

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